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Sunday, October 9, 2011

New Zealand Dependencies-2 Early Postage Stamps of the Cook Islands-Illustrated

Illustrated below are two postage stamps of the Cook Islands. The first is the 2 Pence (black and brown) part of a set issued in 1932. The set consisted of a Half Penny, 1 Penny, 2 Penny, 2 Pence/Halfpenny, 4 Pence, 6 Pence and 1 Shilling values. The 1 Penny showed a portrait of Captain Cook and the 1 Shilling a portrait of George the 5th. The rest of the values showed island scenes. The 2 Penny with an illustration of a double Maori canoe. The set is generally more highly valued when lightly used.

The second stamp a Halfpenny (violet and brown) was issued in 1949 and was part of a set with values to 3 Shillings. The stamp commemorates the departure of the Moaris to New Zealand in 1350 AD.

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