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Monday, October 17, 2011

Malaysia-A 1943 1 Cent Postage Stamp-Japanese Occupation Of Malaya

Illustrated below is a postage stamp issued by the Japanese Occupation Forces during World War 2. The stamp was issued for use in Malaya (now Malaysia) and was part of a set with values from 1 Cent to 70 Cent values. The designs were various with 1 Cent (rubber tapping), 2 Cent (fruit) 3 Cent grey(Rubber Tapping) 4 Cent (Tin Dredger) 8 Cent blue (War Memorial), 10 Cent (Huts) 15 Cent (Japanese Shrine) 30 Cent (Sago Palms), 50 Cent (Straits of Johore), 70 Cents (Mosque-Kuala Lumpur)

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