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Thursday, October 27, 2011

18 Examples of Artwork-Various Dates and Media-Andrew Highton

"Ancient Landscape with Sailor"-Acrylic on Canvas-610 mm x 610 mm-1989-Andrew Highton

Deatail of Ancient Landscape with Sailor

"Mullock Heaps at the Seven Mile, Lightning Ridge"-Oil on Canvas-340mm x 440 mm-2008-Andrew Highton

Detail of Mullock Heaps at the Seven Mile

"Abandoned Car, Lightning Ridge"-Oil on Canvas-610 mm x 505 mm-2008-Andrew Highton

Detail of Abandoned Car

"Landscape Blue Mountains N.S.W."-Oil on Canvas-340 mm x 440 mm-2009-Andrew Highton

Detail Landscape Blue Mountains

"Venice Memento"-Oil Paint,cloth,wax,gold paint on canvas on board-265 mm x 310 mm-1992-Andrew Highton 

Detail of Venice Memento

"Book-Heroes of the World"-Wood, plywood, canvas, oil paint-150 mm x 200 mm-1996-Andrew Highton 

"Book-Wonders of World Aviation"-Wood, plywood, canvas, oil paint-220 mm x 280mm-1995-Andrew Highton

"How I Discovered America"-Acrylic paint on Canvas-1700 mm x 1300 mm-1990-Andrew Highton

Detail How I Discovered America

"The Arch of Microscopic Crimes"-Oil on Canvas-450 mm x 360 mm-2009-Andrew Highton

Detail Arch of Microscopic Crimes

"Nude in the Garden"-Oil on Canvas-1650mm x 650 mm-2008 -Andrew Highton

Detail Nude in the Garden

"Cow in a Rainstorm"-Wood, Particle Board, Oil Paint on Plywood-600mm x 320 mm-2010-Andrew Highton

"Nude in the Garden" (Study) Oil paint on Canvas 200 mm x 255 mm-2008- Andrew Highton

"Nude in the Garden" (Study)-Oil Paint on Canvas-250 mm x 300 mm-2008-Andrew Highton

"Woman in the Garden"-Oil on Canvas-510 mm x 610 mm-2008-Andrew Highton

Detail Woman in the Garden

"Smoke"-Acrylic on Canvas-610 mm 610 mm-1990-Andrew Highton

"Nude in the Garden" (study)-Oil on Canvas-250 mm x 300 mm-2008-Andrew Highton

"Study of a Nude in the Garden"-Oil on Canvas-250 mm x 300 mm-2008-Andrew Highton

"Nude with Folded Arms by the Trees" (Study)-Oil on Canvas-200 mm x 255 mm-2008-Andrew Highton

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