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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

9 Drawings-4 Nudes-3 Still Lives-A Piece of Cake-Untitled-Various Media/Dates

Below are 9 drawings various dates from the 1980's 1990's and 2000's. Media include : Coloured Pencils, Dry Pastel, Charcoal, Ink and Watercolour. To enlarge the image click on it then back page to return to the blog.
"A Piece Of Cake" 145 mm x 140 mm Watercolour on Paper Andrew Highton 1980

"Nude Study" Coloured Pencil on Paper 260 mm x 410 mm Andrew Highton 1984

Chinese Biscuit Tin With Objects  Coloured Pencil on Paper 250mm x 230mm Andrew Highton 1984

"Nude Study" 265 mm x 410 mm Charcoal Dry Pastel Watercolour on Paper Andrew Highton 2008

Untitled Drawing Dry Pastel and Ink on Arches Paper 193 mm x 270 mm Andrew Highton 1992

"Tied Objects" Coloured Pencil on Paper 205 mm x 300mm Andrew Highton 1984

"Nude in the Garden" 270 mm x 350 mm. Dry Pastel and Watercolour on Paper. Andrew Highton 2008

"Nude in the Garden" 265 mm x 410 mm. Dry pastel Charcoal Watercolour on Paper. Andrew Highton 2008.

"Chinese Biscuit TIn with Toy Gun and Coloured Block. 375mm x 230mm Coloured Pencil on Paper. Andrew Highton 1984

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