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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Malaysia-"Leaping Tiger" Postage Stamps-Federated Malay States-Some Varieties-Illustrated

Illustrated below are some examples of the "Leaping Tiger" stamps issued in the early 1900's for Malaya. Some variations in the printings are due to the various dies used in the printings. Some show a thicker line under the word "Malay" others a thinner line with some variation in the "C" of the value. The 10 Cent value below shows both the thicker line under Malay and variation in the "C" of the value between left and right at the top.
This is an earlier printing of the issue from 1900-1901

Two Dies were used in the production of the 1 Cent issue. This is an example of Die 2 issued in 1908.

The 1 Cent value below shows both the thinner line under the word Malay and a thicker "C" in the value.

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