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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Queen Victoria Postage Stamps-2 Early Issues from Natal-1870's and 1880's

Illustrated below are two stamps issued for Natal during the reign of Queen Victoria. The first is the 1 penny, part of set issued between 1874 and 1899. The set consisted of the 1 penny (with dull and bright rose shades), 3 penny (blue), 4 pence (brown), 6 pence (bright reddish-violet) and a 5 Shilling value that was issued as (maroon 1874 + 1882),( rose), and (carmine 1889). This example is hand cancelled.

The second example illustrated was issued between 1882 and 1889 with a value of a halfpenny (blue-green). This set consisted of values from a halfpenny to sixpence . The 1 penny (rose/with carmine shades), 3 penny (blue-1884), 3 penny (grey-1889), 4 pence (brown) and Sixpence (mauve).

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