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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A 1951 and 1962 Silver Australian Florin-George the 6th and Queen Elizabeth the 2nd-Illustrated

Illustrated below are the obverse and reverse of two Australian Florins.

1951 Australian Silver Florin

50% Silver

 The 1951 was issued during the reign of George the 6th. The 1951 Florin was the first issue since 1947.Previous issues of the florin carried the legend "F D" the 1951 issue carried the modified legend  "FIDEI DEF" (Defender of the Faith), to fill a gap left by "IND : IMP (Emperor Of India), no longer valid since Indian indepence in 1947. This change of legend was the cause of some controversy and was modified again in the 1955 to 1963 florin issues carried the legend "ELIZABETH. 11. DEI. GRATIA. REGINA. F: D: + (Elizabeth 2nd Queen by the Grace of God. Defender of the Faith)
1962 Australian Silver Florin

.500 Silver
Next to last year of issue, Florins were not issued after 1963. Australia converted to decimal currency in 1966.

The image on the reverse of the coin was the Coat of Arms of Australia  This comes in two forms, all with the kangaroo, emu and the shield containing the coat of arms. Florins issued between 1910 and 1936 have a star above the Coat of Arms, and the Southern Cross within the shield. Florins issued between 1938 and 1963 have the royal crown above, the six states represented in the shield and wattle plant as a background.

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