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Monday, August 22, 2011

The 10 Pies Blue of Sri Rama Varma the 2nd-Cochin Maharaja Postage Stamps

Illustrated below are some of the varieties of the 10 Pies (blue) issue of Sri Rama Varma the 2nd with details showing value and official overprints. Detail 1 shows the stamp as it was originally issued with details 2 and 3 showing both the overprint value change and variations in lettering type in the official overprint.
(See also this blog the 2 pies (brown), 4 pies (green), 6 pies (red-brown), 9 pies (carmine), 9 pies (blue) 1 Anna (orange-brown) in the August list of posts)

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  1. Hi can you please let me know 20 pies over print 6 pies