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Monday, August 22, 2011

The 1 Anna (Orange-Brown) Issues of 4 Cochin Maharajas

Illustrated below are some of the varieties of the 1 Anna postage stamp of four of the Cochin Maharajas.
Beginning with Sri Rama Varma the 1st (top left) followed respectively by Sri Rama Varma the 2nd, Sri Rama Varma the 3rd and Sri Kerela Varma the 2nd. The illustration shows some of the official, surcharge and value overprints of these issues.The 1 Anna issue was unusual in the Cochin Maharaja issues in that it was the only stamp that bore the legend "Anchal and Revenue" (Anchal meaning postage), therefore was sometimes overprinted "Anchal" to distinguish its purpose, again with some variety in lettering type.

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