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Thursday, August 25, 2011

New Zealand Postage Stamps-Partial Set of the 1940-1940 Commemorative Issue

In 1940 between the 2nd of January and 8th of March a series of stamps was issued in New Zealand commemorating the Proclamation of British Sovereignty. The values were a Halfpenny (blue-green/above), 1 Penny (chocolate and scarlet), Penny Halfpenny (light-blue and mauve), 2 penny (blue-green and chocolate), 2 Penny Halfpenny (blue-green and blue), 3 penny (purple and carmine), 4 penny (chocolate and lake), 5 Penny (pale-blue and brown), 6 Penny (emerald-green and violet), 7 Penny (black and red) 8 Penny (black and red/issued March 8th with the same design as the 7 Penny value), 9 Penny (olive-green and orange), 1Shilling (sage-green and deep green). (The 7 Penny (black and red) is more highly valued lightly used)

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