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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

India-2 Pies Brown of Cochin-Maharaja Postage Stamps

Illustrated below are the 2 Pies (brown) issues of all the Maharajas of Cochin. (See also this blog, the 4 pies (green), 6 pies (red-brown), 9 pies (carmine), 9 pies (blue), 10 pies (blue), 1 Anna (orange-brown) in August list)

This Detail Shows the examples of the 2 dies used in the production of Sri Kerala Varma 3rd issues. Die 1 on the left and Die 2 on the right (the scarcer variety) showing a slightly larger space behind the hat and more of the collar around the neck.

There were also 2 die variants of the 2 pies of issue of Sri Rama Varma 3rd. The example shown here is of Die 2.


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