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Saturday, August 13, 2011

Australian 1 Dollar Banknote-1966-1982

Decimal currency was introduced in Australia on 14th of February 1966. The new 1 dollar banknote was put into circulation on this date. The design changed very little between its introduction in 1966 and the final issue in 1982. Two things in the design that were altered were the legend "Commonwealth of Australia" along the top of the note (this was altered to "Australia" in the early 1970's) and the movement of the security thread through the note from the centre to the side. The signatures ranged from Coombs/Wilson in 1966 to the final issue in 1982 signed by Johnston/Stone.

Obverse Elizabeth II & Coat of Arms
Reverse Aboriginal Art Theme by David Malangi
Signatories , Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia , Secretary to the Treasury
Size 139.70mm (width), 69.85mm (height)
Composition Paper
Watermark Captain Cook in left panel
Serial Prefix DPS was the last series of  1 dollar paper notes printed
Below is an example of the 1 dollar signed by Knight/Stone

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