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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Democratic Republic of Vietnam (1945-1946) Provisional Postage Stamp

On 2 Sept. 1945, President Ho Chi Minh proclaimed in Hanoi the independence of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam. During the first days of  independence, theVietnamese Postal Administration had to over-print several Indochinese stamps to use as provisional postage stamps of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam.

One set of stamps overprinted for use by the new Government was the Philippe Petain issue,( President of Vichy France during the Second World War). The issue had 6 values a 3 Cent (olive-green), 6 Cent (red), 10 Cent (green), 40 Cent (deep-green), 40 Cent (blue) and 1 Franc (light-brown). Illustrated below is the 6 Cent value. Overprints were in and black.

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