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Sunday, August 21, 2011

The First Christmas Postage Stamp-Canada 1898-Blue Variety

Illustrated below is another variety of the first Christmas postage stamp (see "A Christmas Stamp of the British Empire. this blog). The stamp was issued on 7th of December1898 (the postmark here indicates it wasn't used until after Christmas) and the oceans were printed in 3 different colours, lavender, greenish-blue and blue. This is an example of the blue printing.


  1. i have 5 of these do you know the value
    one is canceled the other 4 are in perfect condition

    1. HI Peter....In MUH (mint never hinged) condition these stamps are worth some money. There are three varieties. The background colour varieties are lavender, greenish blue and blue, with the lavender the most highly valued. Even lightly cancelled they have some value. I don't know the condition of your stamps but say Aus$30 may be about right for the 4 uncancelled stamps with another $5 for the cancelled ? (There are however forgeries of these stamps known-the forgeries are without horizontal lines across the continents)....Hope this helps....Andrew H.