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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Two Versions of the Argentinian 1 Peso Banknote-1947 and 1952-Illustrated

Below are the obverse and reverse of two issues of the Argentinian 1 Peso banknote. The earlier issue (top) was issued in 1947 with Liberty holding a torch. The watermarks are 1 Peso in the blank horizontal bar under the legend "Un Peso" and "AR" (for Republica Argentina) in the blank shape behind the arm of Liberty. The second 1 Peso was issued between 1952 and 1955 and shows Justice holding scales with the Palarea Revestido Building on the reverse. The watermark is an indeterminate shape in the white ovoid on the right of the note.


  1. The building on the reverse of the second bank note is the Casa de Tucumán, an historic landmark. «Palarea Revestido Building» is a name unknown to me.

    Thanks for the post, anyway—I was just reading about an old Argentine bank note in which the depiction of Justice was not blindfolded, as usually is!

    1. Hi Gabriela...thanks for the long since I posted that I can't now remember where I did the research on them....will alter post accordingly in due course......cheers andrewh