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Friday, December 9, 2011

New Zealand-A Partial Set of the 1960 Postage Stamp Issues-Illustrated

Illustrated below is a partial set of the postage stamps issued for New Zealand in 1960. The illustrations are for most of the higher values except for the 5 Shillings and 1 Pound values. The full set consisted of values from a Halfpenny to 1 Pound. The values up to 8 Pence were of New Zealand flora, the 9 Pence to 1 Pound values were of New Zealand industry or scenes. Two of the values were issued in single and multi-coloured variations, the 1 Shilling and 9 Pence and the 3 Shilling. The single colour variations were; 1 Shilling and 9 Pence (brown) and the 3 Shillings (sepia).  The 10 Shilling and 1 Pound values were also issued in a single colour but not in multicoloured varieties.

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