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Friday, December 2, 2011

Australia-George the 5th 1 Penny Definitive Postage Stamps-Illustrated

Shown below are some of the George the 5th 1 Penny definitive stamps Issued in Australia between 1914 and 1936. (See Halfpenny issues this blog). All the definitives showed a side-face portrait of King George but were issued in a variet of colours, papers.watermarks and perforations. Below are three of the varieties of the 1 Penny issue. zthe 1 Penny began to be issued in a sage-green in 1924 until 1931 when it was issued in green (shown below). The watermark for the sage-green issues was the "A" under the two pointed crown, Multiples of the "A" under the two pointed crown or multiples of the "A" under the sloping crown. In 1931 the 1 Penny was issued in green with a "Cof A" watermark as illustrated here.

The 1 Penny was also issued in many of the red spectrum of colours from carmine-red, scarlet,carmine-pink and carmine many of them very difficult to tell apart. The watermark and perforation being a more reliable method of distinguishing among varieties.The example below has the single "A" under the two pointed crown and this watermark was used on two of the issues in the red spectrum. First in 1914-20 and again in 1916-18. This example seems more in the scarlet range dating it to 1916-18 issue.

The third variety illustrated is the 1918-13 violet issue. Also watermarked with "A" under the two pointed crown.

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