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Monday, December 5, 2011

Japan-1899-A Partial Set of Definitive Postage Stamps-Illustrated

Shown below are some of the stamps issued in 1899 for Japan. The set consisted of values from 5 Rin (grey) to 10 Yen (violet). Most of the set consisted of engraved designs around the central motif of the Imperial Chrysanthemum except for the 5 and 10 yen that showed a portrait of Empress Jingu as the central motif. Two of the values were also printed in different colours, the 1 and a Half Sen printed in blue and violet and the 3 Sen printed in red and claret.


  1. my name is mike and I have two of the stamps listed above. One is the one with the 5 in the left hand corner and the Rn in the right hand lower right corner. The other is the stamp with the Sn in the lower left corner and the 1 in the lower right hand corner. Thank You. My email adress is Please advise on how to get a value on these.

    1. Hi Mike....sorry I haven't replied earlier but been away from the blog....any reasonably current Stanley Gibbons Asia Stamp Catalogue should be able to give you an idea of the value of your stamps....the numeral in the lower corner is the value (that is 1 or 5), Sn = Cents....your stamps had an original value when sold at the Japanese Post Office of 1 Cent and 5 Cents....hope this helps toward understanding the stamps.....p.s. these stamps are relatively common and unless they have something special (a flaw or special postmark) are not of particularly high value....regards andrewh