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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Australia-1959-High Value-"Flora"-Pre-Decimal Postage Stamps-Illustrated

Illustrated below are some of the definitive stamps issued for Australia in 1959. The higher values in the issue were of Australian flora, from the 1 Shilling and Sixpence to the 3 Shillings all featured Australian plants. The 1 Shilling and Sixpence (red on yellow paper) the Christmas Bell, the 2 Shillings (blue) Flannel Flowers, the 2 Shillings and Threpence (green on white paper) the Wattle ( with a variety in green on cream paper), 2 Shillings and 5 Pence (brown on cream paper) the Banksia, the 3 Shillings (red) the Waratah.
The most highly valued of the set is the Wattle (green on white paper). A detail of the wattle, green on white paper is illustrated below the set.

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