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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Australia-1938-A 4 Pence Postage Due Stamp-(with Error)-Illustrated

Illustrated below is the 1938 issue of a 4 Pence postage due stamp. This issue can be distinguished from earlier printings by the placement of shadow on the value tablet. On the earlier printings of this type the shading on the value tablet is on the opposite side to the shading of the money values. The issue can also be distinguished from slightly later printings by the shape of the negative space inside the "D" of Penny. In the later printings this shape more closely follows the shape of the letter giving more of a "Bow" shape to the space. The watermark for this issue was "C of A" and is illustrated below the stamp. The example shown here also has a minor error the value tablet slightly shifted and overlaps the surrounding frame.

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