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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Postage stamps of the Japanese Occupation of Burma during World War 2

Illustrated below is a partial set of postage stamps issued by Japanese occupation forces in Burma during World War 2. Issued in 1943 and litho'd by G Kolff & Co of Batavia. The values were a 1cent (red-orange), 2 cent (yellow green), 3 cent (deep-violet and variety in bright-violet), 5 cent (carmine), 10 cent (blue),15 cent (red-orange) 20 cent (yellow-green), 30 cent (olive-brown), 1 rupee (red-orange) and 2 rupee (bright-violet). The illustrations used for the stamps "A Burmese Woman" "An Elephant Carrying a Log" and "A Watchtower in Mandalay". Missing from the illustrations below are the 1,3 and 10 cent issues.


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