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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Falkland Islands Dependencies Postage Stamps of George the 6th

Illustrated below is a partial set of postage stamps for the Falkland Islands and Dependencies during the reign of George the 6th. The set was issued in 1946 and the values were 1 halfpenny (black and green), 1 penny (black and violet), 2 penny (black and carmine) 3 penny (black and blue), 4 penny (black and claret), 6 penny (black and orange), 9 pence (black and brown), 1 shilling (black and purple). The watermark was multiples of CA sideways. The set had many faults with missing letters, "extra islands", with the map being redrawn again to correct some of the faults.This set was issued in 1948 with the map drawn thinner and clearer. Below are illustrated the halfpenny, 2 penny/halfpenny,(added in 1949) 3 penny, 9 pence and 1 shilling values of this issue. Below that are some details showing another fault, the map not aligned properly and printed so overlapping the border and stamp value. With the 1 shilling showing the proper alignment. This set has a higher value than the original issue.

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