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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Pitcairn Islands Postage Stamps of George the 6th

Illustrated below is a partial set of Pitcairn Islands postage stamps issued in 1940 in the reign of George the 6th. The set contains values 1 halfpenny (orange and green), 1 penny (mauve and magenta), 1 penny/halfpenny (grey and carmine), 2 penny (green and brown), 3 penny (yellow-green and blue), 4 penny (black and emerald-green), 6 penny (brown and grey-blue), 8 penny (olive-green and magenta), 1 shilling (violet and grey), 2 shillings and six pence (green and brown), The 3 pence issue is known to exist with watermark inverted and can command a very high price. Illustrated here are the halfpenny, penny, penny/halfpenny, 2 penny, 3 penny and sixpence values. Below them is an illustration of the watermark used for the issue.

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