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Tuesday, July 26, 2011

British Empire Stamps-India-George the 5th definitives.Some varieties and overprints

Illustrated below are George the 5th Indian Empire Stamps showing some of the printings, varieties and overprints issued during his reign.
The four anna postage stamp was printed in two colours. Originally in an deep olive green (illustrated here) in 1911 then in a sage green in a later printing  with the altered legend "postage and revenue". the earlier exists overprinted "service" as the example shows.

The half anna of the same series shows some variety in shades and printing,The earlier printing of 1912 has the legend "postage and revenue". The later printing only "postage". The earlier printing is also known to exist with a quarter anna overprint (illustrated below)

The one and a half anna of the first issue also exists overprinted "service" with the modified value of one anna as illustrated here.

The values in the first issue are 3 pies, half anna,one anna,one and a half annas, 2 annas, 2 annas and 6 pies (printed in blue and orange), 3,4,6,8,12 annas. Some of these values are illustrated below.

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