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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Gambia Postage Stamps of George the 6th-British African Empire

Between 1938 and 1946 a set of postage stamps for Gambia were printed in values from 1 halfpenny to 10 shillings. The design was of an elephant and palm tree with a portrait of George the 6th in an oval to the left side of the stamp. The design was the same for all the values with different colours used for each value. The colours were 1 halfpenny (black and emerald-green), 1 penny (purple and brown), the 1 penny/halfpenny was printed in 3 different colours (brown-lake and bright carmine/brown-lake and scarlet/brown-lake and vermilion-with a fourth added in 1945-shown here), 2 penny printed in two different colours (blue and black/lake and scarlet in 1943-shown here), 3 penny (light blue and grey-blue) 5 pence (sage-green and purple-brown), 1 shilling (slate blue and violet), 1 shilling and threepence (chocolate and light-blue), 2 shillings (carmine and blue-in 1946), 2 shillings and sixpence (sepia and dull-green),4 shillings (vermilion and purple), 5 shillings (blue and vermilion), 10 shillings (orange and black).
 Illustrated below are the watermark used in the issue and the penny/halfpenny, 2 penny, 3 penny and 1 shilling and threepence values from the set, with a larger detail of the 2 penny value.

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