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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Two Australian One Pound Banknotes of George 6th

The  two illustrations shown here are the notes signed by Armitage and McFarlane these were issued between 1942 and 1948. The second were signed by Coombs/Watt these were issued between 1949 and 1951. The design for the Australian pound stayed the same but the Armitage/McFarlane issue has varieties of light and dark green. These have a Rennicks catalogue number of r30a and r30b.

The obverse shows the Australian Coat of Arms and a portrait of George the 6th.
The reverse shows a pastoral scene of tending sheep.
Note size is 154.94 mm in width and 81.28mm in height.
Paper weight is 77gsm.
Watermark is Captain Cook in oval. With ONE POUND behind each signature.
Mintage of Armitage/McFarlane was 320,592,000 and Coombs /Watt much lower at 179,000,000.
The serial numbers for Armitage/McFarlane were H,J,K or P over numerals running from H/0 000001 to H/99 1000000- J/0 000001 to K/96 1000000 then P/76 408001 to P/99 1000000.
Serial numbers foe Coombs/Watt  were letters I,K and W over numerals running from I/0 000001 to I/99 1000000, K/97 000001 to K/99 1000000 then W/0 000001 to W/79 100000

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