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Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Stamps of Indian Princely States-Hyderabad

Some of the earliest issues of the Indian State of Hyderabad from the turn of the 20 Century and earlier bear the legend Post Stamp and carry the seal of the Nizam of Hyderabad. A block of 6 half anna examples are shown below

These early stamps were issued in various denominations and 3 examples are illustrated. The half anna, 1 anna, and 2 annas.

Over the following decades the legend changed, first to Postage then Postage and Receipt and some were re-used with overprinted surcharges in black and red, then black and red concurrently with the seal of the Nizam as the central design.

In the 1930's other designs were issued. The stamps were larger than previously and issued in values of 4,6 and 8 pies. Other designs showed the High Court of Hyderabad, Char Minar and the Reservoir of Hyderabad. The Char Minar issue is shown here in some of the shades and surcharge overprints.

After the Second World War a Returning Soldier 1 anna stamp was issued. this was printed in a light and dark blue with three varieties. The light blue was unwatermarked and one variety of the dark blue was watermarked with the seal of the Nizam.

In 1947 a 1 anna view of Hyderabad Town Hall was issued. This was produced by the lithographic process, litho stamps are generally flatter and duller than off-set printed varieties. Still an attractively designed stamp

Between 1947 and 1949 another series was issued showing Hyderabad locales. The values were a 1 anna in green showing the Hyderabad Powerhouse, a 3 anna in blue/green showing Kaktyai Arch at Warangi Fort and a 6 anna in olive brown showing Golkunda Fort.

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  1. I have about 25 rare stamps fron India, where can i find thefinformation on thier vaule?