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Monday, June 20, 2011

Postage Stamps of Indian Princely States-Kishangarh

The illustration below shows some early postage stamps from Kishangarh (on the stamp spelt Kishengarh ). The design shows the Kishangarh State emblems. the stamps were issued without perforations. Two of the stamps show an interesting variation in that the K of Kishengarh has lost the lower part of the K. One shows a remnant of the stamp above it as they were issued as "tete beche" pairs ( head to tail ). Two are overprinted for official use. The values are a quarter anna for the rose/pink and half anna for the blue.


  1. do you know the approximate value of one of these stamps?

    1. Hi Adrienne....I'm not sure which of the stamps you want me to comment on. The stamps date from around 1899-1901 and are not rare stamps....currently the quarter anna unsued (rose/pink-magenta) would be around US$6.00 ? and the half anna (slate-blue) about US $30.00 ? very fine used the quarter anna stamps overprinted "ON K S D" (=On Kinshangarh State Service)about US $6.00 ? also...hope this helps....cheers andrewh