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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

North Borneo-1883-An 8 Cent (green) Postage Stamp-Illustrated

Shown below is the 8 Cent stamp issued for North Borneo in 1883. In 1883 only two stamps were issued for North Borneo, the 4 Cent (pink) and the 8 Cent (green). The stamps were perforated 12 and both are considered highly valued even lightly postally used. Many of the early stamps of North Borneo were sold as remainders to collectors and these were cancelled with a barred cancellation as the cancellation shown here. This style of cancellation was used postally and early used stamps are hard to distinguish from the remainders. Remainders are generally cancelled in a corner or edge of the stamp, this example however shows a cancel over the face of the stamp suggesting that it may well be a postally used example.


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