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Monday, October 8, 2012

British North Borneo-1886-87 & 1888-92-50 Cent (violet) Postage Stamp-Illustrated

Shown below is the 50 Cent (violet) stamp issued for British North Borneo in 1886. These stamps are not often found postally used and many were sold as remainders to collectors with a black bar CTO cancellation, (as shown here). This issue can be hard to distinguish from a slightly later issue of 1888-1892. The main differences are in the value numbers in the upper left and right corners. In the later issue the "0's" of the 50 Cent value are squared rather than round at the corners. The remainders of the 1886 issue are considered of much higher value than the 1888 issue. Illustrated below the 1886 issue is the "State of North Borneo" 1894 issue (overprinted "British Protectorate"). This is a later issue than the 1888 issue but shows the same squaring of the corners in the "0"  of the 50 Cent value. Below that are details showing the difference in the two issues.


The 1888-87 issue showing value numerals with rounded corner on zero

The 1888-92 issue showing squarer corners on zero 

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