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Thursday, October 4, 2012

Ethiopia-1945-a Partial Set of the President Roosevelt Commemorative Postage Stamps-Illustrated

Shown below are the first three values of  the stamp set issued for Ethiopia in 1945. The full set consisted of the values shown below with two higher values for airmail The first three values were for postage with a 1 Dollar and 2 Dollar issued for airmail postage. In 1945 Ethiopian currency was changed from the original Guerche to Cents with 100 Cents equaling 1 Ethiopian Dollar. The values below are 12 Cents (green and lake), 25 Cent (red and blue) and 65 Cent (blue, red and black). The first two values show the Emperor Haile Selassie with President Roosevelt, the 65 Cent value commemorating Roosevelt's death during World War 2.



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