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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Seychelles-1892-93-2 Queen Victoria 4 Cent Postage Stamps-Illustrated

Shown below are two of the varieties of the 4 Cent stamp issued for the Seychelles in 1892 and 1893. This design was first issued in 1890. The issue from 1890 showed a minor difference in the second facet of the diadem (above the Queens eye), with two small lines of shading. This is now listed as Die 1. In the second issue of 1892 (Die 2)  the diadem facet shows no lines of shading. The stamp illustrated is Die 2. Die 1 is considered of higher value than Die 2. In 1893 the same stamp was overprinted locally with a 3 Cent value. Illustrated below. The original issue was part of a set that had values from 2 Cents to 96 Cents, Die 2 part of a set of six values from 2 Cents to 16 Cents,

There is another variety to be found on the issue of the 1893 set with two values (the 10 Cent (ultramarine and brown) and the 16 Cent (ultramarine and brown) both known to have a malformed "S" in the "Postage" legend running down the right side of the stamp.


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