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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

India-Faridkot-1887-1900-A Queen Victoria 2 Anna (blue) Postage Stamp-Illustrated

Illustrated is the 1887-1900 Queen Victoria 2 Anna stamp issued for Faridkot, an Indian Feudatory State during British rule. The 2 Anna stamp is part of a set with 8 values from a Half Anna to 1 Rupee. Six of the values however, the 1 Anna. 2 Anna, 3 Anna, 4 Anna, 6 Anna and 8 Anna, were issued in  two colour varieties making a full set of  10 stamps. Many of the stamps in the set are considered of slightly higher value lightly postally used than mint. Some of the values in the set are also mis-printed with letters missing from the overprint (often the "F" of Faridkot left out) making these error stamps of very high value when mint.

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