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Friday, March 2, 2012

Trinidad-1896-1906-The 1 Penny Postage Stamp-Illustrated

In 1894 the Queen Victoria side face portrait issue of the postage stamps for Trinidad were discontinued. In 1896 a new design was issued of a seated Britannia. This issue had ten values from a Halfpenny to 1 Pound. The lower values of the set, the Halfpenny to 6 Pence were all printed in dull purple with the value printed in green (halfpenny), rose (1 Penny), blue (2 Pence Halfpenny), orange (4 Pence), mauve (5 Pence) and black (6 Pence) respectively. In 1900 the 1 Penny was re-issued in dull-purple and the value formerly with a round o in "ONE PENNY" (shown here) was changed to an oval shape. The later issue in MUH condition is now of considerable value.


  1. odd. I have this one penny but the text is one penny , but in black. guess its more recent then.

    1. The 1 Penny stamp was issued for Trinidad in a few variations between 1896 and 1909....without more information I can't tell you which variety yours would be....andrewh