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Monday, February 27, 2012

Somaliland Protectorate-1953-Queen Elizabeth the 2nd-A Partial Set of Definitve Postage Stamps

Shown below are nine of the stamp values issued in 1953 for the Somaliland Protectorate. The set consisted of eleven values from 5 Cents to 10 Shillings. Originally values of stamps issued for Somaliland were in Annas and Rupees as in India. However in 1951 the currency was changed to Cents and Shillings, with 100 Cents equaling 1 Shilling. This gives the curious 1 Shilling and 30 Cent stamp illustrated here. The two values not shown are the 5 Shilling (brown and green) and 10 Shilling (brown and violet) issues. The 5 Shilling was illustrated with the Martial Eagle (as in the 50 Cent value) and the 10 Shilling with Taleh Fort. The watermark for the set was multiple crowns. (shown below are details of the 1 Shilling value, the 10 Cent value (Askari = a native soldier) and the watermark for the set.

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