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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Russia-An 1889 Czarist Postage Stamp-3 Rouble 50 Kopek-Illustrated

Shown below is an 1889 issue of the 3 Rouble 50 Kopek stamp. A copy of an earlier design from 1883 with a change of colours and minor change in design. In the 1883 design the posthorns under the double headed eagle emblem of the Russian Czars has no "thunderbolts". In the 1889 issue there are two thunderbolts running through the posthorns. Originally only issued in grey and black the 1889 issue was printed in both grey and black and in green and claret as shown here. The set had 19 stamps from 1 kopek to 7 roubles, but only 17 values with the 3 R 50 K and 7 R both being printed in 2 colour varieties.

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