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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Canada-Some Queen Victoria Definitives-1898-1902-IIlustrated

Below are  examples of the Canadian Queen Victoria definitves of 1898-1902. The portrait was the same as that used in the earlier1897-98 issue with some differences in the stamp design. Where values were in letters within the oval around the Queen's portrait, in the later printing a value tablet was added at the lower corners of the stamp while retaining the value in letters in the oval. Some of the stamps in the set were printed in different years between '98 and '02 and there is some variety in dies and colours. The 2 Cent was printed in 4 colour varieties including the rose carmine of the 3 Cent value illustrated, the 2 Cent value in 1899 the 3 Cent value in 1898

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