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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Australia-1934 Centenary of the Death of Capt John Macarther-Partial Set-Illustrated

Illustrated below are two of the values from the Australian issue commemorating the death of John Macarther famous in Australia for introducing the Merino sheep to the country, introducing wool as one of the major agricultural exports of Australia in the following two centuries. The set consisted of a 2 Penny (carmine-red), 3 Penny (blue) and 9 Pence (bright violet). The 2 Penny and 9 Pence are illustrated here. The 2 Penny issue has two varieties (both illustrated here) a lighter and darker version with the darker version more highly valued than the lighter. The difference can be seen in the mountain behind the sheep, the original version with lights and darks the second version almost uniformly shaded.

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