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Friday, September 7, 2012

St Helena-1938-44-George the 6th 1 Shilling,2 Shilling and Sixpence,5 and 10 Shilling Postage Stamps-Illustrated

Illustrated below are the higher values of the 1938-44 George the 6th definitives issued for St Helena. The set had values of a Halfpenny (violet), 1 Penny (green), 1 Penny (yellow-orange), 1 Penny Halfpenny (scarlet), 3 Pence (ultramarine), 3 Pence (grey), 4 Pence (ultramarine), 6 Pence (light blue), 8 Pence (sage-green. and colour variety of olive-green), 1 Shilling (sepia), 2 Shillings and Sixpence (maroon), 5 Shilling (chocolate) and 10 Shilling (purple, the highest value issued for the set). The design for the set was the badge of the colony as shown below, all the stamps horizontal in orientation. The watermark multiple script "CA" with a perforation of 12 and a half. Of the set the most highly valued by far is the original issue of the 3 Penny value in ultramarine.


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