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Friday, August 3, 2012

Newfoundland-1897-A 2 Cent (bright-rose) Commemorative Postage Stamp-Illustrated

Shown below is the 1897 2 Cent stamp issued to commemorate the 400th year of  the discovery of Newfoundland. The stamp bears the portrait of John Cabot who discovered Newfoundland in 1497. The stamp was part of a set with values from a 1 Cent (green) to a 60 Cent (black). The set illustrates the economic activity, wildlife, Newfoundland views with two portraits of British monarchs, Queen Victoria (the year 1897 also marked the 60th of her reign) and the 60 Cent  bore a portrait of Henry the 7th. It was during his reign that Cabot discovered Newfoundland.

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