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Thursday, January 26, 2012

The Australian 1 Dollar Paper Banknote1976--Knight/Wheeler-Illustrated

Shown below are the obverse and reverse of the Knight/Wheeler issue of the Australian 1 dollar paper banknote. The Knight/Wheeler issue was significant in that, during its production the, security thread set into the note was relocated from the centre of the note to the side of the note. The reason being that notes often were folded at the middle of the note.This caused excessive wear along the security thread. It was therefore decided to reposition the security thread 55mm from the left hand side of the note.

The watermark is visible on the left-hand side of the note.

Obverse Elizabeth II & Coat of Arms
Reverse Aboriginal Art Theme by David Malangi
Signatories H. M. Knight, Governor, Reserve Bank of Australia
F. H. Wheeler, Secretary to the Treasury
Size 139.70mm (width), 69.85mm (height)
Composition Paper
Watermark Captain Cook profile in left panel

the centre security thread was current for prefixes BYC to CKE

the side thread used thereafter for prefixes CGB to CPJ

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