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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Greek Art-Classical-The Bride of Pirithous Attacked by a Centaur

"The Bride of Pirithous attacked by a Centaur" from about 460 B.C. shows these differences in comparison to the "Agive Twins". We can be sure the artist could not observe a centaur attacking a woman. The centaur, composed from combined observations of men and horses, is the most obvious piece of imaginative re-creation, although the sculture is conviningly conceived and rendered rather than observed. Unlike the "Argive Twins" a pyschological relationship is expressed between and among the figures. This is also reinforced through contrasting details like the bearded centaurs and the non-bearded face of Apollo. This neccessity to show pyschological relationships between and among figures requires their bodies to perform a double function. The figures must express an "atitude" and receive consideration as part of a larger unit. Through narrative the notion of "unity" must be considered, since narrative partly shapes the manner in which ideas can be expressed through figures.

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